Faculty assisting an ACP student

Volunteer Tutor Program

Nanaimo Campus

Free tutoring is offered to students enrolled in the following programs:

  • ABE - Adult Basic Education
  • Literacy courses up to intermediate levels
  • FNFS - Foundations for Success Program
  • AUBP - Aboriginal University Bridging Program
  • WEST - Workplace Essential Skills and Training
  • First year University courses

Receiving support from a tutor builds confidence and strengthens skills for success in academic pursuits.

Request a Tutor

Need a little help from a tutor? Fill out the Tutor Request Form and talk to the Volunteer Tutor Coordinator.

Complete the "Request a Tutor" Form

Tutors are dedicated and motivated community members who have professional experience working with students in an academic environment, or who are skilled in subject matter relating to the ACP programs. Tutors can be retired professors or university students as well.

Interested in becoming a volunteer tutor?

We welcome volunteers to support our adult learners and offer tutor training free of charge. For more information, email volunteertutorcoordinator@viu.ca

VIU Cowichan Campus common area

Cowichan Campus

The Cowichan campus also has volunteer tutors available for students.

Learn more about Cowichan campus Volunteer Tutors