Faculty assisting an ACP student

Volunteer Tutor Program

Getting help from a tutor builds confidence and skills for success. This free service is open to all VIU students.

Request a Tutor

Contact the Volunteer Tutor Coordinator:

Zoe Anderson


Cowichan: 250.746.3510

Nanaimo: 250.753.3245 ext. 2381

Co-Curricular Record

Whether you are a VIU student who is being tutored or you are tutoring another student, this can be added to your VIU Co-Curricular Record! The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is a non-academic record of what you have learned at VIU by engaging in events, volunteering, and other opportunities. Email us to learn more about having tutoring added to your CCR.

Volunteer tutors have been active at the Cowichan Campus of Vancouver Island University since 1985 and Nanaimo since 2017, providing one-on-one help, encouragement, and support to adult learners. Most tutors work with students in areas such as writing skills, essays, or math. Some tutors work with people who are learning to read and write. Other tutors help individuals prepare for program assessments or tests such as the GED. Tutors also work with students who speak English as a second language.

Tutors are dedicated community members who are skilled in the subject matter. Tutors might be retired professors, university students, or others in the community. Volunteer tutors are screened, trained, and ready to offer support to students who request extra help with their studies. The tutors bring skills, experience, knowledge, and a desire to be helpful. 

  • Fill out the Request a Tutor form.
  • The Volunteer Tutor Coordinator will contact you to meet to learn more about you before matching you with a tutor.
  • Be prepared to make a commitment. This means showing up on time for tutorials, letting the tutor know if you must miss a session, returning phone calls, and being prepared for sessions.

Volunteer to tutor adult learners. Free tutor training is provided. For more information, email VolunteerTutorCoordinator@viu.ca. 

Tutors will have an interview, submit a criminal record check, and complete tutor training. Training may include the following topics:

  • Overview of Vancouver Island University and the Volunteer Tutor program
  • Tutors and the tutoring process
  •  Learning disabilities
  •  Reading and writing skills and difficulties
  •  Learning skills