Enrol in our program

  1. Apply to become a student at VIU  Apply Now
  2. Provide a High School transcript that is 5 years old or less to determine pre-requisites
  3. Write an assessment to determine the course that is right for you

Book an ABE assessment

Contact Adult Basic Education (ABE):

Prepare for your assessment before you write it. 

  • Please note that the maximum time allowed for an assessment session is three hours. We strongly recommend that students do not attempt to do more than one assessment in a single three-hour session. 
  • ABE assessment are done fully online all year round. In-person assessment are available. 

Book an ELL assessment

Contact English Language Learning (ELL):

  • Email esl@viu.ca
  • Phone 250.740.6318
  • ESL Chair 250.740.6328

Prepare for your assessment: The instructions are available in 12 languages. Inform our office of what language you prefer when booking your assessment. 

  • The assessment takes 50 minutes and will assess your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. 

Have goals? Overwhelmed? Don’t know where to start?

Our ACP Student Success and Transition Advisors are here for you! Contact them directly or call and make an appointment:

We can help you get started and guide you through our intake process.

As a post-secondary institution committed to serving adult learners, to enrol you must be:

  • a high school graduate
  • minimum 17 years of age and out of school a minimum of one year
  • enrolled in a VIU academic or trades/vocational program