To enrol in our program

  1. Apply to become a student at VIU  Apply Now
  2. Provide a High School transcript that is 5 years old or less to determine pre-requisites. 
  3. Write an assessment to determine the course that is right for you.

To book an assessment

Contact Adult Basic Education (ABE) by email at:

Contact ABE at:

Prepare for your assessment before you write it.

  • Please note that the maximum time allowed for an assessment session is two hours. We strongly recommend that students do not attempt to do more than one assessment in a single two-hour session.

Have goals? Overwhelmed? Don’t know where to start?

Our ACP Student Success and Transition Advisors are here for you! Contact them directly or call and make an appointment:

We can help you get started and guide you through our intake process.

VIU welcomes applications from Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

As a post-secondary institution committed to serving adult learners, to enrol you must be:

  • a high school graduate
  • minimum 17 years of age and out of school a minimum of one year
  • enrolled in a VIU academic or trades/vocational program