Foundations for Success (FNFS) courses are designed for students who:

  • want to learn good student skills in the context of a particular subject area,
  • prepare for traditionally difficult first year classes  like English 115, Math 121, or Biology 156,
  • want an interesting first-year credit.

FNFS courses are designed to be taken before, during, or after other university courses. We aim to help students with skills that will lead to greater understanding, success, and enjoyment throughout their entire degree.

Courses include:

  • FNFS 100 - Writing for Success
  • FNFS 101 - Reading, Speaking, and Presentation Skills
  • FNFS 102 - Finding Careers that Fit: Exploring Meaningful Education and Career Paths
  • FNFS 103 - Succeeding Online: Tools and Technologies for Learning
  • FNFS 104 - Solving Calculus Problems
  • FNFS 105 - (Learning Strategies for Success in Health and Life Sciences)

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The six Foundations courses are designed with integrated learning supports – they teach the secrets of “how to learn this subject” and “how to be successful in college.”