ACP Student Advisors

Our ACP advisors, Linda McCandless and Brian Walker, have strong backgrounds in supporting students in career, life, and education transitions. They have experience in post-secondary teaching and counselling, as well as in advising. They are able to understand the needs, challenges, and aspirations of students, and support them in achieving their current goals, and moving on to their next steps.

Linda McCandless, our Student Success Advisor, supports both current and prospective students. Here's how:

  • Advice on course selection, and information about education pathways
  • Provide Information and support on preparing to write an assessment
  • Our Student Success Advisor is your link between education and employment
  • Help in creating academic improvement and success plans, and develop academic success strategies
  • Referrals to specialized support services, guidelines on ABE department and VIU policies and practices, and support transitions to next step
  • Connect with our Student Success Advisor via email, telephone, drop-in, or scheduled appointments. She is available to provide workshops to groups

Linda McCandless, Student Success Advisor
Adult Basic Education Nanaimo
Building: 205, Room: 234
Phone: (250) 740-6255

Brian Walker, our Aboriginal Student Transition Advisor, can help Aboriginal students transitioning into education and support the development an educational learning plan.

Adult Basic Education Nanaimo
Building: 205, Room: 236
Phone: 250-753-3245, Ext. 2193

AUBP - Aboriginal University Bridging Program

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