Joan Robin

Chair, Adult Basic Education and Instructor, Cowichan
Credentials: BSc, BEd, RPBio
Building / Room: 700 / 310


After completing her BSc in Biology at UBC, Joan traveled the world for a year and a half with stops in Europe, Africa, South East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. While in Africa she worked with the Kenya Wildlife Department capturing lions and various species of ungulates. In Australia she worked with the Federal Wildlife Department on various wildlife research projects throughout the Eastern half of Australia. After Joan returned to Canada and for the next 25 and more years, she has been involved in wildlife research undertaking both field work, as well as literature research, analysis, and writing. She has authored and co-authored over 20 journal articles and papers, as well as coedited a textbook on conservation biology principles published by UBC Press. She discovered her passion for teaching by stumbling into an opportunity to substitute at the Cowichan campus of VIU. She then went back to get her Post Bach in Education and hasn’t looked back since! She constantly strives to find new ways of helping her students understand and learn (remember, not memorize) the ‘big pictures’ in science courses by studying how all the bits of information are linked. She also endeavours to help students get over their math anxiety and learn to understand and have fun with math.